Best Hair Color Ideas

With the number of choices of hair color ideas currently, it is difficult to know which one will appear best on you. You might have that feeling that you want to do something unique, but you are not really sure where to start this. Whenever we want a radical change of look. The first things we think about is cut off or dyes our hair. Definitely the color change and that is according to your skin, it is a wise move to achieve that objective. A professional beauty consultant could provide helpful advice, but to get a jump-start by yourself, listed below are some basic tips on hair coloring according to your skin tone and face that will guide you decide how to change your hair.

Hair color ideas

Different Hair Color Ideas According to Skin and Face Tone

Brunettes (Dark Skin)

Lots of people likes warm palette colors such as chestnut which can bring light to your face. If you want to give plenty of light to your face, you can get some fuses or highlights in gold, without exaggeration. The idea is to smooth and refine skin tone and to give a sophisticated touch. With these hair color ideas you will achieve also look younger.

Brunettes (Medium Skin – Sallow)

Normally brunette’s women are those whose skin tone is beige or yellow. In this suit your skin tone uses honey or golden highlights that give more life and light to the face and enhance skin tone. He or she looks good to use brown or black base with golden streaks or highlights or honey. Avoid wearing very light hair or ashen tones because you’ll get to see you pale and aged.

Blond Hair

The blonde hair is one of the most requested colors, but you should choose it according to your face and use it well. If you have fair skin and light eyes will be super blonde. But know that the blond tone is not suitable for all. If your hair is already clear, there is no problem to play with different shades of blond, give more light to the face and your hair will take more force. But, if you look at your brown eyebrows are not clear enough to disconnect with the new color. If not, ask your hairdresser that ringworm playing games with contrasts. Think of the root should be the color of your eyebrows.

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Brown Hair

Carbon black is one of the most sought extreme tones for hairdressers. If your hair is brown the result will be more dramatic if other parts of  lighter hair tone. Many people fear the black lest you harden her features. Avoid if your face features are very marked, but can be very flattering color to give childish character faces. In addition there are now a wide range of blacks with blue, violet or plum. If you are a pale complexion and sweet face will contrast very well. If you just want to have a tan, remember it’s the tone that more highlight the work of a good cut. You can apply for light hazel shine to hair and your face.

If your skin and light eyes, you’ll be super blonde but brown your features and highlight your personality. And if you’re blonde ash, a by the brown! You will gain a lot of shine. If you are brown and you can sweeten your features two-tone clarified your hair to get a dark brown that can go gradually softening. This is one of the best hair color ideas.

Red Hair

There is a wide range of red hues, from bright red to mahogany color through carrot. If you have fair skin you can safely experiment with this shade. But in case you have a dark skin is better try different shades. If you want to give brown and light reflections to your hair, try the mahogany. Accentuate the effect red and give him a special touch to your hair.

Chestnut Brown

If you have darker hair, then it brightens your face. The trick here is almost invisible lights of a golden tone. This “golden” illuminates the skin and gives lightness to the tone of brown. The good thing is that this shade of brown works for most women!

Beach Brown (Brown Smooth)

Beach Brown makes the face look softer. The hair is dyed 2-3 tones below the natural tone and are made small sections near the face to brighten. When this type of dye is done right, you do not need to go running to the room after a while to touch the root, because the root slightly darker does not interfere in the set!

Even if natural or commercial, it is clear that hair style has become one of the most fashionable trends all over the globe. Whether they are basic tones of brown and black, or more bright shades of blue, red, and even pink, different hair colors ideas are now one of the main ways both ladies and men of the world express themselves and their personalities without having to say much at all. It is often said that a hair change comes after a change in life. I think this “saying” is limited because there need not be reasons to change our hair, just want to! And it is something that undoubtedly raises us a little more self-esteem. Hair coloring is something which can be lots fun, be sure that you consider these easy-to-follow ideas.