Best Blonde Hair Color Determined by Skin Color

Best Natural Blonde Hair Color

Best blonde hair color can be determined by skin color. Actually, there are some other factors which can be used to determine which blonde hair color is best for women. At first, they have to know that there are types of blonde hair. These various types emerge since each of them has its own characteristics and look. The first type of blonde hair color is dark or sandy blonde. Actually, it is called as neutral color which will be complementary to the cool skin tones. Therefore, it fits to cooler skin tone. The sandy blonde hair is not golden at all. It is not yellow either. This sandy blonde hair is in the middle of being golden and yellow.

Strawberry blonde hair is the second type of blonde hair color. This is a blonde hair color with strong red tint. This is best blonde hair color for women who have warm skin tone. In this case, they have to know that they can paint their hair with bright or light strawberry blonde hair. The darker strawberry blonde seems to close to the red hair.

Best Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Best Blonde Hair Color

The last type of the blonde hair color is platinum. It is far away from being natural. Actually, it is not impossible that the platinum can be natural. However, most of women decide to lighten it up. Compared to the other blonde hair colors, this is the lightest one. When they bleach it out, it means that they will not have natural platinum blonde hair color. A toner should be applied. It becomes the most helpful treatment. The main function is to remove any brassy tones. Bleaching could cause damage for the hair. Usually, the most usual side effect of bleaching is that the hair falls off. This is best blonde hair color to enhance stylish and funky look.


    Best Dirty Blonde Hair Dye

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