Bleach Blonde Hair Dye: Essential Bleaching Supplies You Must Know

Bleach Blonde Hair Dye Brands

Bleach blonde hair dye must be very easy to have. Yet, you have to know that the process is little bit complicated. You must be easy to see woman with nice blonde. But you also have to know that there is struggle behind the beauty of the blonde hair. If you want to know the process of bleaching at least to make sure the bleaching process is correct or not, you need to know step by step of bleaching blonde hair and of course the bleaching supplies.

At least, there are five bleaching supplies that should be provided. You have to go to store to have them. First is bleaching powder. Actually, this supply comes in two different types. It can be packet and tub. If you intend to bleach your hair more than once, it is strongly recommended to pick the tub. Tub is more economical than the packet. Second is crème developer. If you want to have bleach blonde hair dye, you have to know that there are various crème developers. 20 or 30 volume developer is for light brown hair while 40 volume developer is for dark hair.

Bleach Blonde Hair Dye

Bleach Blonde Hair Dye

Third is toner. In this case, you have to decide which toner you want to have. Platinum needs toner which takes yellow color out of bleaching hair. You should be careful since some toners can make your hair turn to white or even silver. Forth is red gold corrector. Actually, this one has a role to increase the effectiveness of the bleach powder. You don’t quite need it when you are sure that the bleach power will work well. The fifth is neutral protein filler. It is very helpful to replenish the protein which is possibly stripped from the hair during the process of bleaching. Those are some important bleaching supplies to have nice blonde hair. In fact, there are some others like shampoo and tint brush. Yet, those are not included as premier supplies for bleach blonde hair dye.


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