Bleached Blonde Hair: Important Directions to Follow

Short Bleached Blonde Hair

Bleached blonde hair is so stunning. It is reasonable why this hairstyle is chosen by a lot of women recently. In this case, they have to know that there is high risk of damage during blenching process. There are certain directions which have to follow in order to avoid or at least to minimalize the risk of get hair damage.

The first thing that they have to do is to make sure that their hair is healthy enough. It is not recommended to hold the process of blenching when the hair has just been dyed. Blenching can only be done if the hair is strong. When the hair is just dyed, it is weak. It would be better if they use a natural shampoo and conditioner to strengthen the hair. However, they should avoid applying chemical-laden hair spray, gel or even straightening products since they are harmful to the hair. After strengthen the hair, the next step is applying the blenching product. At least, they have to provide blench powder, crème developer, toner, red gold corrector, and also neutral protein filler. Before applying blenching product, they need to decide which shade they intend to.

Bleached Blonde Hair

How to Get Bleached Blonde Hair

After the blenching process is over, they will find that their hair yellow blonde hair color. They can have platinum blonde hair color by toning it. After all processes are over, they have to apply shampoo and rinse their hair with clean water. Drying the hair is a must. Try to use a blow dryer. These are some steps or directions to have nice blonde hair color which have to follow. Women need to know more about different types of blonde hair color before deciding to have one. Bleached blonde hair will be amazing if it is appropriate with the wear’s characteristic and personality.

9 Photos of the Bleached Blonde Hair: Important Directions to Follow

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