Blonde Hair Colors 2014: What Should Women Do with Their Blonde Hair Color

New Blonde Hair Colors 2014

Blonde hair colors 2014 demand a lot of attention. It is due to the fact that blonde has been so popular recently, exactly in this year 2014. For some women, they prefer to color their hair with blonde hair color. However, they have to know that the blonde hair colors are a lot. They can be platinum, light, and also dirty blonde. Since there are various types of blonde hair color, women are forced to know much about this hair color. They need to know the main characteristic of each blonde hair. In addition, it would be better if they know which one is safer and more attractive.

When they have already found the best blonde hair colors 2014 for them, it is time to know how to treat this hair color. They have to understand that blonde hair is easy to damage. It is not only hair which get damaged, but also the color. Therefore, special treatments are required. They should avoid shampoo daily since it possibly dry out the blenched hair. Instead of applying shampoo, it will be better if the rinse their hair using warm water.

Blonde Hair Colors for Spring 2014

Blonde Hair Colors 2014

Maintaining the color of the hair is needed as well. In this case, they can apply conditioner to protect the hair and also the color. Meanwhile, safe color-treated hair product like extra moisturizer product and UV filter can be so helpful to keep the hair healthy and avoid the blonde color fade away. When they want to shampoo their hair, they have to make sure that the shampoo contains violet pigment. It is a must in order that the hair doesn’t turn yellow or brassy. Visiting a salon regularly to get a professional keratin treatment is highly-recommended. It has to be known that blonde hair colors 2014 needs special treatment from the professional to avoid damage.


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