Blonde Hair Colors: Different Level of Blonde Color

Summer Blonde Hair Color

Blonde hair colors vary. It is only about like yellow color. It is ranged from Platinum to dirty. Regardless the different type of blonde color, the blonde hair demands much attention. Many different shades of blonde hair color need experiment in order that women are comfortable with it.

Platinum is the first type of blonde hair color. It appears like white hair color. It is also called towhead it has not red, brown, or even yellow tint at all. Those who know fashionable blonde hair will pay for it. In fact, young children might have this hair color naturally. Women should be very careful to get platinum locks. It requires a lot of blench and it could be harmful for the hair. Light blonde looks similar with platinum. It seems that there is no distinct white look between platinum and light blonde. This is one of blonde hair colors which have a tint of yellow. Yet, there is no gold at all.

Best Blonde Hair Color for Fair Skin

Blonde Hair Colors

Golden blonde has another characteristic. This hair color looks golden. In addition, the hue is kept well throughout women’s hair head. In order to have this blonde color, the process is not quite difficult. Even, some professional hairstylists state that dying hair to golden blonde is quite easy. Strawberry blonde could be the most amazing blonde hair color. It has slightly reddish tint so the hair becomes a strawberry blonde. Frankly speaking, it is moderate blonde hair color since it is not too extreme like platinum. It is best for those who want to have blonde hair at the first time. Dirty or dishwater is the last type of blonde hair color. This blonde color exceeds the expectation by the name. Actually, this blonde hair color is a meet between light blonde and ash blonde. For those who want try blonde hair colors, it is best option.


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