Different Blonde Hair Colors for Different Appearance

Different Shades of Blonde Hair Color Chart

Different blonde hair colors give different effects. It has to be understood that each of them might not be great for any women. Certain blonde hair color only suits for particular face shape and skin color. In order to get what women desire, it is recommended that women consult with the professional hairstylist in advance. In terms of types of blonde hair colors, they can read this article carefully to get useful information about them.

Sandy or dark blonde hair is the first type of blonde hair color. Actually, it is simplest blonde hair color compared to the others. This type is called a neutral blonde color. Having chosen this blonde hair color, the hair will not have yellow or golden too much. In fact, the hair will like almost brown especially during winter season. This one looks wonderful for women with cool skin tone.

Different Types of Blonde Hair Colors

Different Blonde Hair Colors

Different blonde hair colors give different effect. For strawberry blonde hair, women will reveal femininity. This blonde hair is a golden-blonde hair which owns red tint. In this case, there are levels of strawberry blonde hair color. It can be light, bright or dark. At glance, women will see that this strawberry blonde hair color seems to be red hair color. However, this one is little bit warmer and better especially for warmer skin tones.

Platinum blonde offers extreme look. If women have never had blonde hair before, they will see that they have drastic change. Compared to the previous blond hair colors, this one is the lightest color of blonde hair. To make this blonde hair stunning, the hair is bleached out to light color and toner is put on the top in order to remove any brassy tones. Having known the different blonde hair colors, it is expected that women can choose the blonde hair color wisely.


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Different Blonde Hair Colo Ideas

6 Photos of the Different Blonde Hair Colors for Different Appearance

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