Different Dark Blonde Hair Color for Different Look

Light Brown Dark Blonde Hair Color

Dark blonde hair color shouldn’t be understood as usual dark blonde. Actually, it comes in different looks. So, a lot of ideas related to dark blonde hair will not make you think that it is only limited option. If you are not quite satisfied with your current blonde hair color, try to review and pick one of these dark blonde color ideas.

Do you have neutral golden blonde hair? What about neutral blonde? Are both hair ideas similar? If your answer is yes, you hit the wrong choice. In fact, both are different. At least, there is a part which make it slightly different each other. If you choose golden blonde hair color, you might find unnatural yellow tones in it. Meanwhile, neutral golden blonde gives the nuance of natural without too excessive gold tones. In this case, you will have prefect appearance when you have warm skin tone and you pick this neutral golden blonde hair.

Dark Lovely Blonde Hair Color

Dark Blonde Hair Color

Another idea related to dark blonde hair color is sandy golden blonde hair. Actually, it is one of the most flattering and neutral blonde hair colors without any golden tones. When the previous one is good for warm skin tone, this one is recommended for your cool skin tone. If you are planning to color your hair, you need to instill a lot of texture. You will find that you are little bit lackluster when you color your hair with neutral or ash color. Even though this result doesn’t always happen for all women, it is better if you anticipate it. If you would like to lighten your hair up, bleaching is the first process that you should do. Leave bleaching process to the professional in order to make sure that you get the desired result. Meanwhile, applying a blue-based toner is great choice if you like to have neutral dark blonde hair color.


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10 Photos of the Different Dark Blonde Hair Color for Different Look

Clairol Dark Blonde Hair ColorDirty Dark Blonde Hair ColorRed Dark Blonde Hair ColorHoney Dark Blonde Hair ColorNatural Dark Blonde Hair ColorDark Lovely Blonde Hair ColorDark Strawberry Blonde Hair ColorDark Blonde Hair Color ShadesLight Brown Dark Blonde Hair ColorDark Blonde Hair Color

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