DIY Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

Blonde hair with brown lowlights regards that you have creativity and skill to pick the trendiest hairstyle for the times being. The question is that “is it you making the blonde with brown lights?” When you still hire the professional colorist or recruit friend to get a help, you need to know more about how to lowlighting by yourself. You might have decided to have brown lowlights. The only thing that you have to know is how to make stunning lowlights considering that it is trendy variation for blonde hairstyle.

Several days before coloring your hair with lowlights, you should apply certain shampoo. It is required to apply at least three days before you plan to apply the lowlights. What is the benefit of the shampoo? It has a very significant role to remove any buildup and product from you hair. You might think that your hair has already been cleaned up. You might see your hair is shining already. However, you don’t know if there is still buildup remaining in your hair. That is why applying shampoo is required before having process for blonde hair with brown lowlights.

Blonde Hair with Reddish Brown Lowlights

Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights Pictures

When you are ready to apply the lowlights, you have to make decision in which part of your hair will be colored. If you like to have more natural look, it is better for you to select a few strands just under the layer. For dramatic look, you can try to place the lowlights close together. As the result, the stand will be out more. For some women, they might prefer to have natural look since they can go to any occasions in any theme either formal or non-formal. It is expected that this simple tips about how to get blonde hair with brown lowlights are helpful if you want to have more stylish look with your hair color.


    lowlights for brown hair

16 Photos of the DIY Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

Blonde Hair Colors with Brown LowlightsMedium Blonde Hair with Brown LowlightsBlonde Hair with Reddish Brown LowlightsAsh Blonde Hair with Brown LowlightsSandy Blonde Hair with Brown LowlightsBlonde Hair with Brown Lowlights UnderneathBlonde Hair with Chunky Brown LowlightsLong Blonde Hair with Brown LowlightsGolden Blonde Hair with Brown LowlightsShort Blonde Hair with Brown LowlightsBlonde Hair with Light Brown LowlightsBlonde Hair with Dark Brown LowlightsDirty Blonde Hair with Brown LowlightsLight Blonde Hair with Brown LowlightsBlonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

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