Jessica Alba Blonde Hair which Makes her So Elegant

Jessica Alba Blonde Hair Ideas

Jessica Alba blonde hair has recently become a trending topic in social media. When this beautiful girl uploads her new picture with nice blonde hairstyle, people start talking about her new appearance with nice blonde hair color. Does she only follow the trend or does she want to be a trend setter? In fact, blonde hair color is old fashioned. It was chosen by a super model, Marilyn Monroe in the past. However, this hair color never loses its attractiveness. Now, a lot of celebrities are not afraid of having this old fashioned hair color.

Jessica Alba actually has already been blessed with a beautiful face. She has long face shape. Due to this type of face, it is good for her to have long or medium hairstyle. In some movies she starred, she is usually with her long or medium length hairstyle. Besides, she never leaves her blonde hair style. Jessica Alba blonde hair makes her fans follow her hairstyle. They paint their hair into the blonde and cut it in long or medium length hairstyle.

Jessica Alba Blonde Hair Fantastic Four

Jessica Alba Blonde Hair Color

Seeing her blonde hair color, it seems that she doesn’t want to have too extreme blonde. She prefers to have bright blonde rather than platinum blonde or other types of blonde hair colors. However, she doesn’t make her blonde ordinary. Her blonde is combined with darker roots. The bright blonde is only found on the top layers. Due to this hair color, Jessica Alba has a beautiful contrast between her dark eyes brows. In some occasions, she looks great with blonde updo hairstyle. This hairstyle is more stunning with middle parted swept bang. With this hairstyle, she would like to prove that she can look stylish and little glamour even though she usually acts as active women in her movies. In short, Jessica Alba blonde hair can be picked for women’s current hairstyle.

8 Photos of the Jessica Alba Blonde Hair which Makes her So Elegant

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