Katy Perry Blonde Hair: Extreme Change from this Female Famous Singer

Katy Perry Blonde Pink Hair

Katy Perry blonde hair has stolen world’s attention. Those who have been big fans of Katy Perry might already know that this “firework” singer who has even tried blonde hair. However, this information could be new for some people. For the times being, Katy Perry usually comes out in front of camera with her nice black hair color. Therefore, it seems impossible if she choose blonde as their hair color. In fact, it is true. It is true if Katy Perry has blonde hair color. Her warm blonde color is known when Smurfs movie premier is debuted. With blonde hair color, Katy Perry looks very different in that occasion.

It is a big change for her when she decides to have blonde hair color. Take a look at Katy Perry blonde hair and her previous hair color. It is not only the color which is different, but also the hairstyle. In some clip videos, she wears straight black hair. Sometimes, she add heavy bang to frame out her face. On the other side, when she decides to have blonde hair color, she combines it with curly hair. However, it has to be admitted that she looks amazing with this hairstyle.

Katy Perry Short Blonde Hair

Katy Perry Blonde Hair Color

It seems to be the evolution of Katy Perry. Does she retain her blonde hair color? It is quite possible. Summer is coming and women like to color their hair with blonde hair. Possibly, Katy Perry is one of those who believe that blonde hair color can enhance their beauty in summer. Some of her fans might be disappointed with Katy Perry’s decision to have blonde hairstyle. It is due to the fact that she looks little bit older than her age with her new hair color. Nevertheless, her new hairstyle is very formal. Katy Perry blonde hair will be good reference for those who want to make over their hairstyle.

6 Photos of the Katy Perry Blonde Hair: Extreme Change from this Female Famous Singer

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