Kim Kardashian with Blonde Hair: Idea for Makeover

Kim Kardashian with Blonde Hair

Kim Kardashian with blonde hair has ever been a trending topic. It was a trending topic when this woman announced that she brought her blonde hair color back again. Using her social media account, she uploaded her photos with new look. She painted her hair with blonde again. Actually, she picked black hair color for long time. During wedding and pregnancy, this woman had black hair color. For now, she really made over her appearance. She repainted her hair with blonde hair.

Who is the actor behind Kim Kardashian significant change? He is Serge Normant. She is the one who makes over this very sexy woman. Serge Normant makes her hair own light blonde hair. Kim Kardashian might say that her blonde hair is coming back. In fact, it is not similar with her previous blonde hair. Kim Kardashian with blonde hair is different compared to her previous look. Her blonde hair right now is lightened up. As the result, her blonde hair seems to be platinum blonde hair. When Serge Normant made over Kardashian, Kim Kardashian uploaded to Instagram . She wrote “Its bacccckkk!!!”

Kim Kardashian with Blonde Hair

Kim Kardashian Blonde Hair Color

However, according to other information, Kim Kardashian blonde hair is not permanent. It is said that her blonde hair consist of tons of extensions. Even, there is information state that Kim Kardashian is wearing wig in blonde hair. Which information is correct? We don’t know. In fact, Kim Kardashian looks wonderful with blonde hair. Kim Kardashian has a lot of fans. When she turns her hair into blonde hair, it is not impossible that her followers will change her hair as well.  The hairstyle doesn’t change. She let her hair fall freely and the hair in the top is parted in the middle. In short, women shouldn’t hesitate to pick blonde hair like kardashian. Kim Kardashian with blonde hair looks amazing.

8 Photos of the Kim Kardashian with Blonde Hair: Idea for Makeover

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