Kristen Stewart Blonde Hair: Long Dirty Blonde Hair to Imitate

Kristen Stewart Strawberry Blonde Hair

Kristen Stewart blonde hair becomes a sign of her change. When this woman decides to color their hair with blonde hair color, a lot of people especially their fans is shocked. It is the most drastic hair color which she has ever had. She has never done like this before. However, their fans appreciate her braveness to have this change.

She has ever picked the dirty blonde color. In fact, there is no change except the color of her hair. She keeps her hair fall freely with little bit wave in the edge of hair. Her hair is parted in the right side which creates long side swept bang. Some women don’t really like this blonde hairstyle. It is far away from being extraordinary for her as world class actress. However, it is her choice.

Kristen Stewart Ash Blonde Hair

Kristen Stewart Blonde Hair

Kristen Stewart blonde hair is considered as dirty blonde hair. In order to have this kind of hair color, they have to make sure that they have cooler skin tone. On the other word, it can be said that this dirty blonde hair color is best for those who have cool skin tone. This blonde hair color is not as bright as platinum blonde hair color. It incorporates ash tones. It is much easier to have dirty blonde hair than platinum blonde hair. Sometimes, it is best choice for those who want to paint their hair with blonde at the first time just like what Kristen Stewart did. Kristen Stewart might have drastic change yet it is not much significant when she picks platinum blonde hair. In this case, women can imitate what Stewart looks like if they have the same face shape. Keeping their blonde hair long just is best when they have long face shape. Kristen Stewart blonde hair is a proof that women still have their beauty even though they change their appearance quite significant.


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7 Photos of the Kristen Stewart Blonde Hair: Long Dirty Blonde Hair to Imitate

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