The Latest Black and Blonde Scene Hair for Emo Lovers

Black and Blonde Scene Hair for Women

Black and blonde scene hair is closely related to Emo style. Indeed, it is not only belonging to Emo yet when people see black and blonde hairstyle, they might think that it is Emo style. If you are truly Emo lovers, you have to know the latest Emo hairstyle in black and blonde hair. Those two colors can be combined well if you understand the best hairstyle for them. So, are you ready to be a trend setter in your group?

Short haircut is really Emo hairstyle even though some Emo lovers prefer to have medium or long haircut. However, it is not false to pick short haircut to give Emo style for your look. You need to straighten your hair up and it should be followed by having quick tussle in the back. You can choose whether you want to make black or blonde as dominant. In fact, the certain hair product to make your hair much flat needs to be applied. Usually, bang becomes the feature for this kind of Emo short hairstyle. You can choose very short bang or long bang as your preference for your black and blonde scene hair. It is not recommended to have heavy bang. For emo style, you need to have one side-swept bang, instead.

Cute Black and Blonde Scene Hair

Cute Black and Blonde Scene Hair

If you don’t want to cut your long hair, you can keep it and make it Emo style by applying choppy style. Like the previous hairstyle, choppy hairstyle can be painted with black and blonde color. The difference is that the choppy hairstyle makes your hair little bit longer. So, you will have long or at least medium length Emo hairstyle. Some hairstylists usually apply the trick to stagger the length of the hair. They will pick some strands to stick out on the side and the back while some hairs will get pomade to pull them into an unnatural direction. As the result, your black and blonde scene hair will stand out.

6 Photos of the The Latest Black and Blonde Scene Hair for Emo Lovers

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