The Latest Blonde Emo Hairstyles

Long Blonde Emo Hairstyles

Blonde emo hairstyles are usually straight with messy strands and flat. Is that all? Of course not. If you have declared yourself as emo lovers, don’t you want to look stylish? Your hairstyle will be out of date if you keep your hair black like emo in the past. You can try to have blonde without losing the root of having emo style. So, what are the latest blnde emo hairstyles that you can try now?

First of all, there is a question that you have to answer whether you want to have short or long hairstyle. If you pick the first one, you need to straighten your hair. Further, you can follow it with a quick tussle in the back. Simple, right? By applying those features, you will have stunning emo hairstyle. However, you can add some other features as well for instance adding messy strands falling flat or bang about 2 inches long. Usually, the bang covers up your eye because the bang falls flat.

Long Blonde Emo Hairstyles

Blonde Emo Hairstyles Ideas

What about the longer one? Compared to the short hairstyle, the long emo hairstyle will make you little bit difficult to maintain. However, you should not make it as the difficult problem. If you have long emo hairstyle, you can try to pin it up or adding layers. Those are two effective ideas to keep your long hair stunning without bothering your time to work or to be active. Like the short one, you can add strands on the side of your head. The strands will grow longer and longer. When you think that the strands are too long, you can make layers or pin them up. You might need to apply certain product to keep your long hair healthy every day. So, you don’t need to worry if you pick blonde emo hairstyles since there must be solution if you have a problem.

6 Photos of the The Latest Blonde Emo Hairstyles

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