Medium Blonde Hair Color

Medium Blonde Hair Color 2014

Medium blonde hair color has certain stereotype. It is a type of hair color which needs pretty high maintenance. It has to be treated with a lot of different treatments like touch up, toners, and deep conditioning treatment. Nevertheless, these things don’t make them cancel to have blond hair color. In this case, they have to understand that there are blonde colors which they can choose. One of them is vanilla blonde. Everybody who always follows the trend and news about celebrities might know Michele Williams. She looks beautiful with her vanilla blonde. The special treatment for this blonde hair is touching up roots in every three weeks.

Emma Stone is one of the celebrities who are loyal with medium blond hair color. We have to appreciate Emma’s hairstylist since her hairstylist succeeds in choosing right a hue. The hue encourages her look. It adds warmth to her cheek. Nevertheless, the most amazing look is when she chooses strawberry blonde undertones with flecks of gold highlight all over. It can be a good reference for those who want to have blond hair color. Compared to the other kind of blond hair colors, this one is bit easier. Women only need to have simple maintenance. It is applying strawberry toner in salon visit.

Medium Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Medium Blonde Hair Color

Golden blonde becomes the most common blonde hair color which women usually try to pick. During summer, it is not difficult to see women with this blonde hair color. Compared to other blonde hair colors, this one is very simple in both process of styling and also maintenance. In order to brighten women’s face, they can finish with ivory highlights around the front. Regardless different medium blonde hair color, women should know the treatments which they should apply in order to keep the hair healthy and the blonde color doesn’t fade away.


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14 Photos of the Medium Blonde Hair Color

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