Natural Blonde Hair Dye to Avoid Damage

New Natural Blonde Hair Dye

Natural blonde hair dye will make your hair stay away from getting damaged. It becomes one of the main reasons why women prefer to have it. Do you know how to make the blonde hair dye natural? Here are some methods which are usually applied by the professional hairstylists when their clients ask for natural blonde hair color. These methods don’t include some dangerous ingredients like peroxide. So, they are totally safe for the health of your hair.

The first ingredient that is frequently used to have natural blonde hair is lemon juice. It can be squeezed or concentrated. Both can be used to dye the blonde. First of all, the lemon juice needs to be mixed well with little water. Having been mixed, it is sprayed into the damp hair. In this case, the professional hairstylists require heat to reach. They usually use a hair-dryer. This method should be applied many times in order to get best result.

Light Natural Blonde Hair Dye

Natural Blonde Hair Dye

Natural blonde hair dye can be achieved by natural dye shampoo as well. For the times being, it is not hard to find natural dye shampoo in the store. Is it safe? Take a look at the ingredients if you don’t quite believe the product. Try to pick the natural blonde hair shampoo whose ingredients are herbal. It will leave the lather on your hair only in several minutes. In this case, you don’t need to spend too much money to go to beauty center and get special treatment from the professional since you can do it at home by yourself. After applying this shampoo every day for several weeks, you will notice that your blonde hair is lightened up appropriately. Unfortunately, compared to other methods, using this shampoo will make your hair look natural blonde hair dye yet you need to wait for quite long time.

6 Photos of the Natural Blonde Hair Dye to Avoid Damage

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