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Strawberry blonde hair dye is understood as one of the effective ways to have natural strawberry blonde. However, some of women fail in executing the process of dying. Do you know why it happened? Because they don’t know exactly how to make nice and correct strawberry blonde. For now and on, you will not get any failure anymore when you follow correct instructions below. In fact, the instruction is very simple. However, some women take them as trivial. So, never underestimate any simple way to make nice strawberry blonde hair. So, just follow exactly the instruction.

First of all, you have to make sure that your hair is healthy. For several days, you should apply shampoo regularly. Combing your hair before applying dying product will be truthfully beneficial as well. The dying product will be applied in whole hair. In the process to make strawberry blonde hair dye, you need to mix the ingredients. Mix the color with the activator based on the direction in the package. In order to mix well, it is suggested that you shake the mixture for quite long time in order that the ingredients is blended well.

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If you are ready to apply the product, you need to wrap your shoulder with the towel. It is required in order that dye will not stain your clothes. Do you know how long you need to apply the dying product? Actually, it is based on you desired result. However, in general, the professional hair colorists usually suggest that you have to wait till 30 minutes. You can read your favorite novel, watch TV or any activities during waiting. However, you have to make sure that your activities don’t give a risk to the dye process. The last is rinsing your hair and scrub the scalp gently in order to remove the dye. So, you will have incredible strawberry blonde hair dye.

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