How to Obtain Best Blonde Hair Blue Eyes?

Actor with Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Blonde hair blue eyes have been the best pair. If you have blue eyes, you don’t need to doubt about picking out the blonde hair color. Those who don’t have blue eyes want to make over their appearance and use contact lenses in blue eyes in order to have stunning appearance with their blonde. So, you don’t need to hesitate anymore.

In terms of style, you can have almost limitless option. You can try to have lowlights or highlights for your blonde hair color. You also can try to have formal hairstyle like updo hairstyle for wedding party or prom party or casual hairstyle like bob and messy layered hairstyle. In fact, your hairstyle should be based on your personality and preference. The blonde hairstyle could be best for mature women. For more elegant look, you can try blonde hair blue eyes.

Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes 2014

Best Blonde Hair Blue Eyes

What about your eye shadow? Do you need to give a serious attention to that part? Indeed. Even, it is recommended to consider all parts of your body. When you want to talk about eye shadow, you also have to talk about makeup. For blue eyes and blonde hair color, it is better for you to choose metallic colored eye shadows. Warm eye shadow can be the choice as well. In this case, it’s not suggested to have too dark eye shadow. You need to think and choose light eye shadow. Meanwhile, you have to think about the eyeliner as well. Brown color is good choice to enhance your blue eyes. You can apply brown gel eyeliner along the top lash line. So, people will notice your blue eyes very much due to the fact that the brown for the eyeliner and blue for the eyes are contrasted to each other. So, don’t ever doubt to have blonde hair blue eyes.

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Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes 2014Actor with Blonde Hair and Blue EyesCute Blonde Hair with Blue EyesHoney Blonde Hair with Blue EyesBlonde Hair Blue Eyes ScholarshipActresses with Blonde Hair and Blue EyesBlonde Hair Blue Eyes GeneticsBlonde Hair Blue Eyes

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