Pink and Blonde Hair as Out of the Box Hairstyle

Pink and blonde hair could be ridiculous for some women. In fact, it is a sign of breaking out the normal. Some celebrities have taken that risk and women can find them as nice references to have extraordinary pink and blonde color. It is great to be out of the box. In fashion, people can think freely. Fashion is a world in which imagination is limitless. Hairstyle is included as a limitless world. Now, let’s take a look at what women can get from the blonde hair color which is combined with pink.

Actually, there is no wrong for blonde hair color to be combined. Blonde seems to be usual to be paired with purple. For this time, blonde looks marvelous with its new combining hair color. It is pink. When women want to paint their hair with this two combination colors, they can take a look at how Nicki Minaj makes over her hairstyle. Indeed, this woman never stops stealing people’s attention with her odd hairstyle. For now, having the hairstyle like her is not something odd anymore. It is fashion and almost anything is accepted.

Pink and Blonde Hair Color

The most important thing for pink and blonde hair is the blonde hair color. It has been noticed that there are a lot of types of blonde. It can be light, platinum, and dirty blonde hair color. In this case, the best one is determined by the skin color. For cool skin color, it is strongly recommended that they pick the lighter blonde color. This type of blonde color brings bout the yellowness in their warmer skin tones. Meanwhile, platinum will be great for the warm skin tone. So, women should understand that not every skin color looks best with platinum even though this blonde color might be the great one. In short, women can find pink and blonde hair color best for them or not based on their skin color as well.

9 Photos of the Pink and Blonde Hair as Out of the Box Hairstyle

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