Purple and Blonde Hair to Trap People’s Attention

Purple and Blonde Hair Color

Purple and blonde hair is so flashy. Only women who have braveness will try this hairstyle. They need to gather the braveness to restyle their hair with this hair color. It is the combination between purple and blonde. It has been known that combining these two colors is ridiculous due to the fact that both colors contrast to each other. However, trend is trend. It cannot be avoided. Trend changes based on people perspective. People in the past might consider combining blonde with purple color is weird. For now, it is trendy and fashionable.

There are many options when women would like to try to have purple and blonde hair. For instance, they can make the purple dominant than blonde. In this case, the wearer can decide whether the dominant color is for front or back hair. When they love to have medium length hairstyle, they can paint the front side of the hair (which is used to create side swept bang) with orange color. Meanwhile, the blonde hair is hidden just below the purple. Another choice is painting the layers with purple while the rest is painted with blonde hair color.

Purple Conditioner for Blonde Hair

Purple and Blonde Hair Color

The combination of these two colors can be applied for long hairstyle as well. The most common style is making blonde as the main and dominant color. Meanwhile, the purple only becomes the shade for the back hair. For this style, women will look funky. They are young women who usually pick this hairstyle. Regardless different variations of purple and blonde hairstyle, this combination gives extreme look to people. It is far away of being formal. It is very casual which is good to hang around with friends. This purple and blonde hair doesn’t look great for formal occasions like wedding or prom night.


    purple and blonde hair

6 Photos of the Purple and Blonde Hair to Trap People’s Attention

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