Red and Blonde Hair for Transition from Girl to Woman World

Red and Blonde Hair Bangs

Red and blonde hair is not only hair color. It delivers certain meaning. You must have known that dress, color of your shoes, and also accessories mean something. Those make the other people know your personality. The hairstyle can do that as well. When you choose black hair color, it has different meaning and personality when you turn it into the brown hair color. How about red and blonde color? What meaning is being brought by those two colors?

In terms of combination of red and blonde colors, you don’t need to doubt about it. Combining two contrasted colors will not be a matter at all. The most important thing is that the combination means something. In this case, you have to make sure that you don’t go wrong to deliver the meaning and also your personality through red and blonde color. Actually, red itself means brave in general. When it is used in fashion, especially for hair color, red means feisty but creative. Creative is usually related with young women. Therefore, red means creative and young.

Keyshia Cole Red and Blonde Hair

When red is combined with blonde, it would like to send different meaning. You have to know about blonde in advance. For mature women, blonde is considered as sexy hairstyle. At first, you might feel that there is no correlation between being sexy and creative. In fact, the red and blonde hairstyle is great for young women who are in the transition from being girl into woman. They want something that changes their appearance. So, everybody can see that they are no longer girl anymore. It would be very hard if they change significantly. Indeed, they cannot leave their girl period directly. Everybody will be shocked to see too significant change. With red and blonde hair, they can leave the girl period into women world slowly.

7 Photos of the Red and Blonde Hair for Transition from Girl to Woman World

Red and Blonde Hair BangsKeyshia Cole Red and Blonde HairRed and Blonde Hair Scene HairRed and Blonde Hair StreaksDark Red and Blonde HairRed and Blonde Hair ColorsRed and Blonde Hair

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