Reddish Blonde Hair Color to Have Unusual Look

Best Reddish Blonde Hair Color

Reddish blonde hair color could make women have incredible hairstyle. Having silver, dirty, or platinum blonde hair color might be usual. Blonde hair color with red is truly different. Certain techniques have to be applied in order that the result is just like what is wanted. Besides, those techniques will protect the hair from any possible damages.

A lot of actresses have already found their new beauty with reddish blonde hairstyle. Nicole Kidman is one of them. For Nicole, she leaves her hair long. She looks great with long hairstyle in which the hair in the edge is curled. This hairstyle makes her so glamour. The nuance of red color is unseen clearly. It seems to be camouflage to the blonde hair. All in all, the combination between red and blonde is perfect. She can be a reference for those who want to have reddish blonde hair color.

Golden Reddish Blonde Hair Color

Reddish Blonde Hair Color

Preparation has to be made to have stunning reddish blonde color like toner, bottle for mixing, gloves, and hair dryer. The first thing is making the hair wet. Further is putting on the gloves before bleaching. In this case, they have to make sure that they apply the bleaching mixture of the hair from their root to the tip. It is a must in order to get perfect result.

After applying the mixture throughout the hair, they need to wait up to 15 minutes. Actually, they can wait up to more than 15 minutes. It depends on how blonde they would like to have. For lighter blonde hair color, they don’t need to want too long. Even, it is recommended not to wait too long in order that the red color is not hidden by the blonde hair color. The last step is rinsing the hair and they are ready to style their reddish blonde hair color.

Best Reddish Blonde Hair Color

7 Photos of the Reddish Blonde Hair Color to Have Unusual Look

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