Safe Ingredient for your Light Brown Blonde Hair

Light Brown Blonde Hair Ideas

Having light brown blonde hair is such a pride for some women. You can have incredible light brown hair without having to spend much money, actually. You can check something around and make it as the ingredient to make your hair light brown blonde. Besides, it doesn’t contain harmful content. It is easy to get and safe to apply. The result is that you have your hair look natural with light brown blonde. How is that thing and how do you can apply it?

Actually, it is lemon juice. For some women, it is believed as very important fruit to make their skin smoother and brighter. In fact, the lemon juice is not only beneficial for their skin, but also their hair. You can simply put the lemon juice over your hair. Having rubbed your hair with lemon juice, you can leave it for a while and let your hair dry by itself. You don’t need to use hairdryer or towel to dry it up. Let’s the sun dry your hair. As the result, you will have nice light brown blonde hair. The process of drying could take an hour. In this case, you don’t need to worry if your hair will get damaged because of sun heat. Lemon juice has a lot of acid. As the result, your hair will be protected well.

Light Brown Hair with Blonde Streaks

Light Brown Blonde Hair Color

If you want to have different blonde color, you can reapply the lemon juice over and over. You have to do it more than once. Then, heat your hair with sun shine as many times as necessary till you get the blonde color that you would like to have. It is quite possible that the process will take several weeks to obtain the desired color. In fact, the light brown blonde hair with this ingredient is extremely safe for your hair without any risk of getting damage.


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