Special Techniques to Have Blonde Hair with Auburn Lowlights

Best Blonde Hair with Auburn Lowlights

Blonde hair with auburn lowlights never loses its attractiveness. Lowlights vary like darker shade of brown, blond, and of course auburn. For this last one, the blonde hair will look more natural. Do you want to have that kind of hair? It can only be obtained with one condition. You have to follow the instruction on how to apply the auburn lowlight appropriately.

You must already know how to choose the best shade for you, right? It has to be determined based on your skin color. If you have assured yourself that the auburn lowlights are best for you, you can follow the following instruction. You have to put your hair in the middle in advance. It is required in order to make you easy to preview the lowlight. You might need a clip to keep the rest of your hair after you select the small strands.

Blonde Hair with Auburn Lowlights

Best of Blonde Hair with Auburn Lowlights

You also have to make sure that you have already mixed the ingredients. All required products have to be compounded and mixed in appropriate percentage in order that you get the most desired blonde hair with auburn lowlights. Before applying the hair color product, you might need to apply towel into your shoulders. If it is necessary, you can put off your clean T-shirt and wear the old one since it is quite possible that the process will ruin your clothing. For the best result, you might need to leave the color on the hair for about 20 till 30 minutes. Actually, it is up to you. Some products might require long time since it needs to absorb into the hair. After the process is accomplished, you can rinse your hair and apply the air conditioner. It is not quite recommended that you use hairdryer to dry your hair. It is much more better that you use towel for your blonde hair with auburn lowlights, instead.


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