Strawberry Blonde Hair: An Alternative Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde hair is an alternative hair color if you think that your blonde hair color is an ordinary. You might see a lot of women pick the hair color just like yours. In order to make you little bit different, you can try to dye your hair and changes the color with strawberry blonde. However, it is better for you to know what the strawberry hair is. You have to know the definition of this hair color from the professional colorists’ perspective.

What is strawberry blonde? Actually, it is shade which is the result of mix between light and red tone. In this case, the red shade is intense. Therefore, the light tone seems to be covered by the red tone. The red is little bit more dominant than the light tone. For the times being, this color is so popular among women all over the world. Indeed, this hair color is coming from the western. It can be said that the strawberry blonde hair is belonging to western culture. However, many women from different countries have noticed it as amazing and remarkable hair color to have. Therefore, they don’t hesitate anymore to make over their appearance. They will not feel regret at all when they have to say goodbye to their old fashioned hair color and welcome the new strawberry blonde.

Pictures of Strawberry Blonde Hair

Actually, you can the process of coloring your hair at home. It is simple just like putting the paint on the wall. However, you have to understand certain direction and requirement. In this case, you can learn by doing. You can see clear instruction in the hair dye package such as how long you have to mix the ingredients, the tools that you need to prepare and also how long time you have to wait during wrapping the product into your hair. Finally, you will have nice strawberry blonde hair.


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8 Photos of the Strawberry Blonde Hair: An Alternative Blonde Hair Color

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