Be Stylish with Your Blonde Hair Black Eyebrows

Curly Blonde Hair Black Eyebrows

Blonde hair black eyebrows could be mismatch color. However, it doesn’t mean that you can try this style. You will not go wrong at all to be different, right? If you a type of woman who doesn’t really want to be a trend follower, it is better to choose this style. The only thing is that you ask the hairstylist to dye your hair with blonde hair product then you keep your eyebrows black. You shouldn’t be afraid if some people will see as a less beautiful woman. It is only their perception. On the other hand, it is not a few who really like to see your style or even they will imitate your style.

When you are going to have blonde hair, you should know that your hair color will be contrasted with your eyebrows. Therefore, your face will be a main point of your style overall. In order to make your blonde not too contrast, it’d better for you to choose dark blonde hair color. You should avoid platinum if you don’t want to look too extreme. However, when you are ready to be a fashion setter with blonde hair black eyebrows, you can pick the platinum blonde hair color.

Girl with Blonde Hair Black Eyebrows

Blonde Hair Black Eyebrows Ideas

Do you know who Rita Ora is? She is a famous woman singer for the times being. You should search in Google and get the photos of Rita Ora. She is a good example of woman with blonde hairstyle and black eyebrows. Since she is a public figure, she has to have her own characteristic. She has her own style. She decides to have platinum hair color. Like you have understood, it is very contrast with black eyebrows. And what do you find out? She is incredibly beautiful with her wavy blonde hairstyle. In certain occasion, she is very nice with her wavy platinum hairstyle paired with red lips and white dress. So, it is good for you to have blonde hair black eyebrows just like her.

7 Photos of the Be Stylish with Your Blonde Hair Black Eyebrows

Bleached Blonde Hair Black EyebrowsCurly Blonde Hair Black EyebrowsNatural Blonde Hair Black EyebrowsGirl with Blonde Hair Black EyebrowsShort Blonde Hair Black EyebrowsBlonde Hair Black Eyebrows

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