Unique Ideas to Have Half Brown Half Blonde Hair

Half Brown Half Blonde Hair

Half brown half blonde hair could be extreme for some women. However, it is good to be different. Don’t ever think about the same thing. In style, it is important to be different. Your hairstyle has to speak about you. Your hairstyle is your characteristic. So, combining two different colors (brown and blonde) doesn’t become ridiculous idea anymore. Even, it becomes the way to make your own style and personality. Are you sure to have this kind of hairstyle? Check the ideas below.

In combining two different colors, there are certain terms which are usually used by professional hair colorists. They are highlight and lowlight. Which one is the best? Both are great, actually. Each of them doesn’t beat one another. Highlight will make your hair brighter especially when you are in the outside of the building. Meanwhile, the lowlight makes your hair little bit darker. When you want to have half brown half blonde hair, you need to make sure what the result you want to achieve. If you don’t want to have a drastic and extreme change on your appearance, it is good to pic lowlights. It is regarded as the best way to punch up the hair color without having to make a big change.

Half Blonde Half Brown Short Hair

Half Brown Half Blonde Hair Ideas

Having bold streak could be another great idea. In this case, you will look funky with this two-combined-color. Usually, the blonde becomes a color for streak. It is placed closer to the front of the hair. Young women like to have bold streak in their bang. More stunning effect will be achieved when the streak is little bit thicker than the traditional highlights. However, if you think that this idea is too extreme for your appearance, you can try to add a little more depth by dying your hair contrasting on only one layer of the hair underneath. It is simpler way to have half brown half blonde hair.


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