The Way to Choose Strawberry Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Best Strawberry Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Strawberry blonde hair with lowlights is a right choice if you intend to have creative different look. Changing your hair color overall might be too dramatic. Having lowlights is another effective option if you are looking for much fresher look. You will forget about hunting a new trendy hair color anymore. You only need to decide which part of your hair that you are going to highlight. For some women, lowlight is too personal. So, you have to determine the lowlights based on your personality as well.

If you have strawberry blonde hair, it is important for you to know the shade for lowlight. In this case, there is a real recommendation from the professional hair colorists. According to some of them, you have to choose the shade which is a couple of hues darker than your strawberry blonde hair. Strawberry blonde hair with lowlights should be standing out even though it is only a shade. In order to make it happen, you have to know what shade you should choose. First choice is a warm caramel lowlight. This shade is very soft in look yet it is very effective to make you become a center of attention. Meanwhile, lighter shade is another best choice as well. The light shade gives the impact of creating the textured effect.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color with Lowlights

Best Strawberry Blonde Hair with Lowlights

In terms of applying lowlight, one thing that you have to remember is that the lowlight is exact opposite of highlights. In fashion world, the lowlights are chosen as style for fall and winter. How about summer? Indeed, they could be great for summer as well. However, it is not quite recommended. Another point is that your lowlight should be soft in appearance and warm as well. So, never underestimate with this little touch. The lowlights could be very simple yet they give big impact for the way you look. The question now, when do you have strawberry blonde hair with lowlights?


    best lowlight color with strawberry blonde

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