What is Light Golden Blonde Hair Color for?

Light Golden Blonde Hair Color

Light golden blonde hair color could be the best for those who haven’t tried the blonde hair color before. If you want to change your look by changing your hair color into the blonde color, light golden blonde color is a great choice. You will not change your appearance too significant, actually. Other blonde types like platinum are too extreme for you if you are at the first time having blonde hair color.

Whitney Port can be a good example. She is famous celebrity and she looks great with light blonde color. You can say that she has too complicated hairstyle. She makes waves from the top to the bottom of her hair. The main purpose is that she possibly wants to reveal the nuance of glamour from her hairstyle. Indeed, she succeeds in this case by having wavy light blonde hair color. However, Kate Moss has a more interesting light blonde color. She doesn’t make her hair long just like Whitney Port. It can be said that she has medium length hairstyle. For her, having blonde hair means that she keeps her natural look. Take a look at the pictures. You will find medium length blonde hair color with curls at the edge of the hair.

Light Golden Blonde Hair Color Chart

Light Golden Blonde Hair Color

Do you think that Emma Watson is a good example as celebrity with light blonde hairstyle? Her hair color might be close to brown. Yet, you can say it is light blonde hair since it is not too brown or even too white. She makes dark shade on her hair. However, the blonde hair color still emerges and it is dominant hair color. With this hair color, it seems that Emma would like leave her character in the movie. She wants to be herself, not Emma with long black hairstyle. In short, it is good choice when you choose light golden blonde hair color at the first time.

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