White Blonde Hair Dye: Do You Want to Know How to Make it Perfect?

White Blonde Hair Dye

White blonde hair dye has been so popular among young women. Are you some of them? Are you sure that your white blonde is perfect? Or do you still worry to have white blonde hair. This blonde hair is usually called platinum. It is a type of blonde which is so far away from being blonde or brown. Therefore, it is usually called the most extreme blonde hair color. Here are some considerations you need to know before having white blonde hair color.

The first thing that you have to know is that your hair is healthy enough to dye with this color. Unhealthy hair has high risk of getting damage. Before dying process, it is better for you cover up your hair with coconut oil. Hold this technique just a night before dying process. Wrap your hair using towel and you can sleep. Coconut oil will repair any possible damaged hair. Besides, it will give nutrition needed by your hair.

Loreal White Blonde Hair Dye

White Blonde Hair Dye

Indeed, you have to spend quite a lot of money to have amazing white blonde hair dye since you have to buy many things. For example, you have to buy bleaching powder. This product is offered in packet. Another thing to buy is crème developer. It is combined with powder to blench the hair. In this case, you have to know that crème developer comes in different volumes from 20 till 40. If you need stronger developer, you need to pick the higher volume. The most important product to buy is toner. It is the main ingredient which makes your hair white. It takes the hair from blonde to white. However, white doesn’t come in only one color. It might have hint of silver, blue, or yellow. You have to pick the shade of white that you really want to have. It makes you own the most desired white blonde hair dye.


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